AJ Chocolate Sculpture Museum

The first chocolate sculpture museum in Lithuania has been opened in Trakai, at Vytauto g. 4. We kindly invite everyone to visit! The museum features four chocolate rooms with different themes – Maya, Columbus, and the films Chocolat and It’s a Wonderful Life – all of which required a whopping two tonnes of white, dark and milk chocolate to create. This is a unique opportunity to see over 100 different sculptures that will no doubt leave an indelible impression! The Chocolate Sculpture Museum is the brainchild of Algimantas Jablonskas. The creator of the Chocolate Sculpture Museum is Elena Kliment.

Opening hours: Monday–Sunday, 10:00–20:00.

Information: 8-655 71143 or

Address: Vytauto g. 4, Trakai, Lithuania.

Chocolate making workshop

make chocolate with your own hands

This fun 60- to 90-minute workshop is an opportunity to see how chocolates are made, win a lot of different prizes and chocolates in a lottery, and – most importantly – make a wide variety of chocolates yourself that you can take home with you after!

Prices starting at €15.00 for children (under 18) and €15.00 for adults.
Minimum price per event is €150.00.
Workshops are available at Vytauto g. 4, Trakai and Pilies g. 8, Vilnius.
We can accommodate up to 50 children in Trakai and up to 30 children in Vilnius.
The event is free for one teacher who comes with a group of 10 children as well as and the guide accompanying the group. We will treat them to delicious coffee with the sweetest cakes we make or refreshing ice cream.


We invite kids to have a sweet and fun birthday party with the CHOCOLATE FAIRY

Not only will you sample chocolates, taste delicacies you have never tasted before, make sweets, listen to chocolate stories, and see the entire chocolate making process – you will also sing, play and draw with the Chocolate Fairy…

The Chocolate Fairy currently resides at Pilies g. 8, Vilnius.
Prices starting at €15.00 for children and €15.00 for adults.

Minimum price per event is €150.00.
Additional one-time fee (per group) for the fairy – €20.00.

Tasting at your workplace

Sweeten up a corporate events or party with a chocolate tasting!
We will be happy to organise it at your company’s office, restaurant or wherever you are holding your event.

Minimum price per event is €250.00.
The price also depends on the number of people, time and place (transport costs are included).

Our chocolate making workshop is unique chocolate activity with gift vouchers

Our retro style chocolate shop in Trakai is a wonderful place with a cosy environment and warm service… We hold “impromptu” chocolate tasting sessions here every other Saturday for people who have been spoiled with our chocolate vouchers…

Chocolate celebrations 

In addition to miniature hearts and HEARTS, roses and lip-shaped kisses, we also have saucy and witty chocolate creations for fun entertainment and a wild time (a hen party or a stag party). Prices starting at €15.00 for adults. Minimum price per event is €150.00. Service available at Vytauto g. 4, Trakai and Pilies g. 8, Vilnius. We can accommodate up to 25 guests in Trakai and up to 15 guests in Vilnius. Please note! All prices include VAT. Additional discounts available for schools and larger groups. Must be booked in advance!

Information and booking:

tel.: 865571143 or