Pilies Šokoladinė chocolate restaurant at Pilies St. 8, Vilnius

The restaurant in the Old Town of Vilnius features a striking interior. We welcome you to see the chocolate room, and our cafe showcase decorated with a chocolate Alice with her friends from Wonderland. In our cosy and delicious chocolate brasserie you can enjoy fresh cakes and chocolate sweets, as well as delicious coffee and tea. Here you can also taste our chocolate ice cream.

AJ Šokoladas chocolate restaurant in Vilnius, Gedimino Ave. 46

A small and cosy chocolate café shop located in the centre of Vilnius, one of the main streets of the city – Gedimino Avenue. It is a good place to have a fragrant drink of coffee, various sweets, a cup of hot black chocolate, enjoy your favourite piece of cake, and spend a romantic evening by candlelight. In our shop you can order a cake for a celebration or impress your loved one with various shapes of chocolate figurines. Your chocolate gift will look exclusive in our colourful boxes, multi-coloured ribbons and other festive trinkets.

Šokolado Sostinė chocolate restaurant at Vytauto St. 4, Trakai

A very quiet location in the heart of Trakai where you can relax from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy delicious coffee. It always smells like chocolate… it’s a magical scent that enchants and elevates above the everyday… here chocolate dreams are born… this is a place where thousands of sweets are made every day, where our cakes are baked and our tasty ice cream frozen. The restaurant wall has tiny windows where you can see how this pleasure melting in your mouth is made…

Here, dreams come true… this is where you can learn to make sweets, listen to sweet stories, smell the chocolate, and make your unique own sweet…

AJ Šokoladas chocolate restaurant at Karoso St. 7, Klaipėda

A cosy, small chocolate shop-café offering flavoured coffee, tasty sweets, hot chocolate, and cake. You will always find a huge range of the freshest chocolate and sweet gifts here.

Centro Šokoladinė chocolate restaurant at Vilniaus St. 134, Šiauliai

A wide range of chocolate, cakes, desserts, exclusive teas, and freshly roasted coffee beans. It is a unique place where the most coffees in the city are made with love. It also has a wine corner to uncork a bottle and have a snack, with a variety of cheeses and hams, pickled vegetables and savoury sandwiches. You will have relaxing music, and read the latest publications.

Those wanting to learn more about chocolate making and testing can have thematic celebrations for children groups, birthday parties and other occasions. Holiday tastings are prepared both in the café and in the location of your choice.

Šokoladas chocolate restaurant at Laisvės St. 33, Mažeikiai

A cosy, small chocolate shop-café offering flavoured coffee, tasty sweets, hot chocolate, cakes, and, of course, a romantic evening by candlelight. You will always find a huge range of the freshest chocolates and sweet gifts here.

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Aqua Parko Šokoladinė chocolate restaurant in Druskininkai, Vilniaus Alley 13-2 (in the Water Park)

A cosy, small chocolate shop-café offering flavoured coffee, tasty sweets, and hot chocolate. The best place to buy sweet things.

Chocolate restaurant – shop

AJ Šokoladas at Gedimino 9, Vilnius

“There is nothing better than a good friend, unless, it is a friend with chocolate…” said artist Linda Grayson. AJ Šokoladas, located in the basement (Gedimino 9) has over 50 types of chocolate sweets and nice cakes. You can also wrap your gift here. The atmosphere and service in this retro-style bistro chocolate will remind you of how simple and sweet life can be – just like in childhood.

AJ Šokolado Namai at Klaipėdos g. 143, Panevėžys, BABILONAS

Panevėžys residents can also enjoy the exclusive chocolate flavour at BABILONAS shopping and entertainment centre’s AJ Šokolado namai chocolate manufactory. Every visitor will enjoy handmade chocolate products according to the best traditions with fresh coffee drinks. You can also buy freshly ground and non-ground roast coffee and premium teas from Sri Lanka.