We kindly invite you to start a business by acquiring our franchise and benefiting from our ideas, and to create for yourself a steady and stable business. Advantages of AJ Šokoladas franchise:

  • You buy-into an already-known brand, which has its own history, ready-made market achievement policy and marketing plan;
  • During promotions, in addition to the AJ Šokoladas shops, we will also mention your shop. This will significantly save your advertising costs. You will only take advantage of the results of joint advertising. By acquiring an AJ Šokoladas franchise you get a great business idea, which is attractive by its lower business risk;
  • By becoming a partner of AJ Šokoladas, you can use many of the concessions offered by our network. For example, cheaper purchases of equipment, furniture, additional goods, products and drinks, etc.;
  • You will need a lot less capital if you have a franchise, compared to the development of your own business, because we when building our franchise gained significant experience on how to avoid unnecessary costs;
  • You can use our supply network to reduce your costs;
  • You will be entitled to use our studies and participate in various business development programs to help you;
  • You will gain more confidence in the banks which will give you the opportunity to easily obtain financial support;
  • We will give the opportunity to take advantage of our information about markets and our experience in operating our network of franchisees;
  • According to contractual arrangements we will provide you assistance (advice) for the initiation and development of the business. Along with the franchise, you get part of the consumers who already buy at the AJ Šokoladas franchise network;
  • We will tell you what, how and in what order so you succeed in your chosen path with maximum efficiency;
  • We will help you choose a location for the shop, shelving, to plan the product mix and pricing, to decorate your trading point, advise legislative issues, and train your sales staff;
  • We will give you a form for your business, and you, the franchisee, will have to do the rest, so an AJ Šokoladas franchise is a great way to expand your thriving business, or to begin it with minimal effort and cost;
  • The basis for successful operation under the franchise agreement is cooperation between the franchisor and the franchisee. Successful cooperation will also depend on compliance with certain obligations provided in the franchise agreement.

AJ Šokoladas, as the franchisor, will be required:

  • To transfer to the franchise customer technical and commercial documents and other information necessary to enable the purchaser to exercise the rights granted to it according to the franchise agreement;
  • To issue a franchisee all the licences provided for in the franchise agreement, and ensure their formalisation;
  • To ensure the franchise agreement registration;
  • To provide the franchisee with continuous technical and consultative assistance and to help train staff;
  • To control the quality of products, tasks and services performed by the franchisee under the franchise agreement.

You, as a franchisee, with regard to the nature of business and the franchise agreement terms, must:

  • In the way specified in the franchise agreement use the name of AJ Šokoladas in your business, this trademark and the service mark, and the interior design style;
  • To ensure the adequate quality of goods, works or services offered according to the franchise agreement;
  • Not to disclose commercial (industrial) secrets or other confidential information obtained from the franchisor;
  • Inform buyers (customers) about the fact that the activity is carried out under a franchise agreement.

“The franchise vendor provides many services to the buyer, which enables the latter to achieve no less success that could be achieved by the seller:

  • Selects the criteria for the identification of the buyer;
  • Helps the franchisee to acquire necessary trade permits, to open shops, to install them, to repair, calculate the required stock, etc.;
  • Teaches the franchisee and other personnel, provides work instructions and guidelines, describing the franchise activities in detail;
  • Teaches the buyer to correctly manage the accounting, controlling, marketing, and organization of sales.”