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Chocolate-making show

For 25 to 35 people. While guests are coming, we melt the chocolate on the chocolate stand on a large marble table, and a range of moulds, spatulas, scoops, dishes with nuts, marzipan, cream, and chips. The history of chocolate and our chocolate factory is told in an attractive manner.

We are proud of our chocolate specialists who facilitate chocolate-making lessons with their unique program. One of them will fascinate you with good energy, the other with funny stories about chocolate and give you “Chocolate Rain”. Those wanting to learn more about the chocolate factory as well as many other interesting stories for an extra charge can book a cooking show with the Lithuanian chocolate king – the factory owner Algimantas Jablonskas.

Before you start making chocolate sweets, we will let you taste the raw material for chocolate production. Meanwhile, the chocolate is tempered: poured on the table and cooled with paddles. Later, we cast moulds, taste and pour the cream. All guests will make chocolates for themselves, and we provide aprons and caps. Usually, audience is no longer left here. While the molten chocolate crystallizes, we demonstrate the production of truffles and other handmade sweets. When chocolate is cured in moulds, the freshest chocolate tasting and latest beautifully glossy sweets lie on the granite table and for all chocolate lovers… For another 20 minutes guests make sweets and reselect the most unique and most creative product. All participants are awarded with certificates for chocolate experts. Attendees pack their creative works into bags while still warm chocolate in the bowls is quickly eaten. Participants can purchase additional fairing for an attractive price.

Price for children from EUR 15.00 (children up to 18 years) for adults LTL EUR 15.00.
Minimum event price EUR 150.00.
Places of service: Vytauto St. 4, Trakai and Pilies St. 8, Vilnius.
Simultaneously we can accept up to 50 children in Trakai, and up to 30 children in Vilnius.
The event is free for one teacher per group of 10 children and accompanying guide. We offer delicious coffee with our tastiest sweetest cakes or refreshing ice cream.

Chocolate-making show is unique chocolate entertainment with gift coupons

Our retro-style chocolate house in Trakai is a great place with cosy atmosphere and warm service. Every second Saturday we organise Sumestinės chocolate tasting for those with chocolate coupons.

Wine and chocolate tasting with D. Velička

Wine and chocolate tasting merges two things: chocolate is generally bitter-sweet, with a deep palate feeling. Wine is easily drinkable, mostly fresh, with acidic flavour, and unpredictable taste due to huge diversity. Wine is quite wary of chocolate! It is a taste monster that blocks taste buds, so we drink wine without feeling its true flavour. Result: finding a wine that accompanies chocolate, is stronger than chocolate, and slightly sweeter or has characteristic chocolate properties.
Good chocolate also looks for a matching wine! When both agree in your mouth, we have PERFECTION.



At the Pilies Street Chocolate House we offer chocolates with PEARS, KIWI, GRAPES, APPLES, and MARZIPAN and serve them with white, red wines and aged Porto. All fruity chocolate fondue is accompanied by a sip of wine, finding the best-suited option. The CHOCOLATE WINE entertainment is designed to pleasure your heart. The decision is up to you. We will not dictate any academic sermons on matching foods. You own your taste. Our responsibility is to create a range for tasting, to prepare an appropriate environment, and answer your questions. GOOD MOOD IS GUARANTEED. YOU ARE MOST WELCOME!

Price for adults from LTL EUR 15.00
Minimum event price LTL EUR 200
Tasting usually at Pilies St. 8, Vilnius, but full groups can get the service at any of our chocolate restaurants.

Home-made ice cream tasting with chef  - NEW!

Only here you can see how natural and the most delicious homemade ice cream is made. You will learn how to make your own ice cream, and can taste the freshest ice cream in your life. Tastings will feature a quiz with prizes. GOOD MOOD IS GUARANTEED. YOU ARE MOST WELCOME!

Price for one adult and child EUR 15.00.
Minimum event price LTL EUR 150.00.
Tasting place – Vytauto St. 4, Trakai.

For reservations, call +37065571143 or email info@ajsokoladas.lt

Chocolate fondue

A huge bowl of chocolate, fruits, nuts, marzipan and ginger… it’s the dream of every sweet tooth.
Give yourself a small celebration by ordering chocolate fondue and dip into sweet dreams with your loved ones…
Prices: EUR 15.00 /2 persons  EUR 20.00 /4 persons
Place of service: all chocolate restaurants

We invite kids for sweet and fun birthday celebration with a CHOCOLATE FAIRY

At the chocolate shop you can taste the chocolate and something delicious and new, listen to chocolate stories, make your sweets, see the process of chocolate making, and also sing, play, and draw with the Chocolate Fairy…
Chocolate Fairy at Pilies St. 8, Vilnius.

Price for children from LTL EUR 15.00, for adults LTL EUR 15.00.
Additional one-time fee (per group) for the Fairy LTL EUR 30.00.

Minimum event priceEUR 150.

Tasting at your workplace

We offer to sweeten your corporate events and functions with chocolate tasting.
We will be happy to arrange it in your company’s office, a restaurant or a farm, anywhere prepared for your celebration.

Minimum event price EUR 300.
The price also depends on the number of people, time and location (transport costs included).

Chocolate celebrations

Happy entertainment and parties (hen/stag parties) in addition to miniature sweethearts and hearts, roses and kisses in the shape of lips, we also have very spicy and entertaining chocolate creations…

Price for adults from EUR 15.00.
Minimum event price EUR 150.00.
Places of service: Vytauto St. 4, Trakai and Pilies St. 8, Vilnius.
Simultaneously we can accept up to 25 persons in Trakai, and up to 15 persons in Vilnius.

Chocolate fountain for events, conferences and your celebrations

Order yourself an excellent chocolate service and we will deliver it to any location.
Price is negotiated individually.

Cake decoration courses in English style

All those wanting to learn to make small sweets to please your friends and loved ones. We will demonstrate various techniques and ingredients. Once you learn to work with them, you can always create your own sweet masterpiece. The training is for those new to cake decoration and for those with some knowledge. You can continue developing the skills you will acquire during our lesson independently to improve yourself and impress your friends, or maybe even start your own business.

Training programme:

  1. Tools and their use.
  2. Sugar glaze and working with it.
  3. Flower making.
  4. Working with dyes (dry and liquid). Selection of colours. Colour matching.
  5. Figurine moulding.
  6. Cake decoration in children themes.
  7. Consistent cake decoration (wedding, commemorative) using a variety of techniques and design.
  8. Various techniques (chocolate, icing, caramel, marzipan).

Training 6-7 hours including lunch break of coffee, tea and sandwiches. All ingredients and tools provided. We recommend bringing an overall or apron. On completion of the course participants receive a diploma.

After completion of the course participants can buy sugar glaze, soft chocolate and marzipan for cake decoration.

Price per person EUR 200.

Minimum amount EUR 400.

Maximum number of participants – up to 10.


All prices include VAT.
Advance registration is required. Registration form: go in
Information and reservations tel.: +37065571143 or administracija@ajsokoladas.lt