Choose any of our cakes and our chefs will turn it into a work of art!


Milk chocolate and caramel delicacy

With caramel chips, hazelnuts and egg liqueur crème.

Black chocolate cake with marzipan and Cuban rum

With marzipan, Cuban rum, juicy cherries and a Florentine layer.

White chocolate and cream cheese delicacy

Ladies’ favourite.

Soft curd and white chocolate crème, orange-flavoured milk chocolate and roasted almonds – a perfect combination.

Nut cake

Light fluffy biscuit sprinkled with green tea with ginger, a masterpiece with almonds and milk chocolate crème.

Pistachio dainty

Mascarpone cheese with roasted pistachio nuts

Dainty with mascarpone cheese

Mascarpone cheese cake with pineapple bits.

Refreshing fruity delicacy

A refreshing summer breeze:

whipped cream with fresh strawberries, coconut flakes and coconut milk, thin, crisp shredded biscuit base and light biscuit sprinkled with black tea.

Warm cheesecake

Warm airy cheesecake, baked with marzipan layer, giving a subtle taste of almond nuts. Served with jam or chocolate.

Belgian chocolate deli with mousse and brandy

A refreshing summer breeze:

miracle of fluffy chocolate.